1. How much are your packages?

Packages (with a highlight film) are between $3100-$4200 and there are add-ons and other customizations available.

2. What do you include in your packages?

All packages include at least 1 cinematographer (myself), professional audio equipment, and a highlight film. Complete documentary footage of key moments (full ceremony, toasts, etc.) is available for some packages. Your final product is delivered digitally in a private gallery for you to easily share. A 2nd cinematographer, flash drives, raw footage etc. can all be added to make sure you are getting exactly what you're looking for in a package.

3. How does music selection work?

I buy properly licensed music that supports great artists and love picking songs to fit your wedding and video style. I tend to get most music from TheMusicBed.com. I use my professional opinion to choose a song based off it's genre, mood, length, tone, etc. that will work well and be fitting for your unique film. If you have some specific music requests...I'd love to hear your thoughts to make sure we're on the same page with song selection.

4. How long does the editing process take?

Your highlight film will be complete within three weeks of your wedding, and your final product will be delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding.

What to Expect

I think the less "acting" you have to do throughout your wedding day...the more you will enjoy it.

That is why I do my very best to film things in an organic way, capturing natural emotions from relaxed couples.

I want you to love your film, and I think the best part of that is looking back at it and seeing the day as it happened...joyful and romantic. I try to be as invisible as possible.

I won't make you zip up your dress 5 times, or have you do a million things that make you uncomfortable. If you like cheesy poses, we probably aren't a good fit.

I want you both to love your experience from start to finish and I do my best to make that happen.